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Lift assessment and BREEAM compliance

BREEAM is a commonly recognised assessment standard for buildings that focuses on environmental sustainability factors. With our elevator inspection services, we help you to enhance environmental performance and obtain BREEAM certification by showcasing your dedication to sustainable operations. Contact us.

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM (or Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) caters for various factors to ensure elevator safety compliance including materials, resources, utilisation of eco-friendly technologies and energy efficiency. Here at York Elevator Services Ltd, we understand the criteria set by BREEAM and design and install lifts that align with their standards.

Better sustainability and reliability

When you opt for our lift services, we prioritise many crucial aspects including regenerative drive and minimal power consumption to help you get BREEAM certified. Our professionals work with you to provide excellent quality elevator services to attain maximum environmental performance ratings with BREEAM assessments.

Elevator Shaft

Documentation and certification support

Your company might be operating according to BREEAM compliance, however, you need to have proper documentation and evidence to provide when needed. We work closely with you to ensure that not only your elevators are in great condition but your documentation is completed according to the required standards. Please speak with us today.

For lift inspections and BREEAM compliance support, please fill out the form below or  call 01904 400888 

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