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Lift refurbishment services

York Elevator Services Ltd specialises in lift refurbishments for small and large industries, contact our team today.

A great alternative to lift replacements

Our team is fully capable of enhancing the reliability of your lift as well as it's energy efficiency. We are highly experienced and our lift refurbishment services are affordable without compromising on quality.

First-class lift modernisation work

Our lift refurbishment and modernisation work caters for all major aspects of lift including:

  • Upgrade of lift car panels, operating panels and drive control units

  • Energy efficiency and smoothness of the ride

  • Lift interiors and maintenance work

  • Lift door re-surfacing, which is a great substitute for lift replacement

Site surveys and expert advice

Our team offers site surveys to assess what kind of improvements are required to make sure passenger lifts fulfil industry standards. Our site surveys include a review of:

Performance including noise, vibration, floor levelling, etc.

Equality Act 2010 compliance

Interior cosmetics, mechanics and electronics to find out areas that need repairs or improvements

Safety, reliability, noise, vibration, floor levelling and general equipment condition

​If you are struggling to decide on the appropriate action plan for the repair or maintenance of your elevators, our professional team can offer expert advice and recommendations. With our years of industry experience, we offer premium quality refurbishments for our variety of clients across the UK.

Do you need lift refurbishment or lift modernisation work? Contact us by filling out the form below or  call 01904 400888 

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