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Step lift for wheelchair users

Access and step lifts

Our step lifts are a great help for people with mobility issues. For cost-effective and quality step lift solutions, look no further than our team at York Elevator Services Ltd. Contact us.

Access lift options

Access lifts are excellent alternatives to stair lifts and whatever the type of your property, they are a functional and dependable form of accessibility.

Incline platform lifts

These type of access lifts are perfect for spaces where it is not possible to fit vertical lifts. Incline platform lifts can be installed within internal or external areas, get in touch with our specialists for more information.

Platform step lifts

Our platform step lifts are ideal for wheelchair users and disabled people. These lifts provide ease of access, and are conveniently accessible where vertical space is limited.

Horizontal view of a step lift for wheelchair users

Why choose York Elevator Services Ltd?

Our step lifts help to move anyone who might need assistance or priority for entrance

When you work with us, we ensure comfortable, safe and trustworthy step lift installation and maintenance services

Smooth, convenient, and hassle-free lifting access for the people who need it the most

Disability stairs lift facility in Public Building

Simple, comfortable solutions

Whether you require our step lifts for business or even domestic purposes, we can cater for your bespoke requirements. Over the years, we have served many clients and attained envious reputation across the UK. If you need to learn more about our step lifts, our friendly team is always happy to assist, contact us now.

For professional step lift installation, maintenance, or repairs across the UK, please fill out the form below or  call 01904 400888 

We can also be reached by email via

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