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Chef placing dish in a dumbwaiter lift

Dumb waiter lifts installation and maintenance

Dumb waiter lifts are useful additions to restaurants, hotels and commercial establishments. Get in touch to discuss installation or for dumb waiter lift maintenance services.

Professional quality installation across the UK

Our experts take their time to understand your needs and offer bespoke dumb waiter lift installation at affordable rates. These lifts can be customised in terms of size, load and warming options to aid the functionality of any building. Do you want to discuss your dumb waiter lift installation needs? Contact our professional team today.

Why are dumb waiter lifts suitable for your business?

  • When your workers carry heavy items regularly, it can lead to injuries. However, with dumb waiter lifts, this risk can be minimised.

  • Transporting goods through dumb waiter lifts will reduce labour, improve efficiency and enhance productivity.

  • Due to the small size, dumb waiter lifts save space, and you can utilise additional space for other business needs. 

Concierge bringing up a trolley of food and drinks

Preventative measures and maintenance plans

York Elevator Services Ltd offers a complete maintenance schedule for regular tasks including adjustment, cleaning, and lubrication work. Our specialist engineers also submit regular assessments to make sure that your dumb waiter lift works reliably and smoothly on a daily basis. Reach out to us today.

Dumb waiter maintenance

When you need dumb waiter lift installation or maintenance work across the UK, please fill out the form below or  call 01904 400888 

For those who prefer to email, you can contact us at

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