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York Elevator Services Ltd is your gateway to elevated spaces. With extensive experience in elevator manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and repair, we help you to reshape your perception of vertical transportation. From first-class elevator solutions for your business requirements to reliable domestic elevators, we can cater for your variety of needs in Harrogate and across the UK.

When you choose us, we offer great attention to detail, precision and innovation. Our elevators are professionally designed and installed to offer you excellent value for money. Whatever property type, budget, or functionality preferences, we can deal with your versatile elevator requirements.

Here at York Elevator Services Ltd, we take elevator care to the next level. Our efficient elevator maintenance and repair work keeps your elevators functioning at peak performance, ensuring safety and reliability.

When it comes to elevator repairs, we always go over and above to make sure that you get desired results. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential elevators, our team is here to help, please give us a call today.

Bridge at Knaresborough, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England

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Feedback from our customers in Harrogate

After over a year and £6,000 spent with our maintenance provider our lift was still going off every week with a fault, and as a public building the disruption was immense. I called in York Elevator Services and Wow what a response, they did an initial site visit that took 2 hours informed me they had found the fault and it would need parts for the main control board and they would order them and return once obtained. two days later they returned to site and with me watching over their shoulder proceeded to remove the main board and de-solder components and re-solder new ones on, two hours later they informed that it was all done. Their staff where all very helpful and friendly and immediately gave me an impression of a company who know there work, more importantly for me there invoice was less than £500 and the lift has not failed once in the last six months. We are now with York Elevators and they are as efficient with their maintenance as they are with their problem solving.


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