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Dock levellers and docking equipment

Here at York Elevator Services Ltd, we have all kinds of dock levellers and docking equipment, and we help you to maintain these to high standards.

Your local dock leveller lift installation service experts

Dock leveller lifts play a crucial role in the operation of loading docks and facilitating the transport of goods between trucks or warehouse floors. With more than 35 years of industry experience, our team is highly qualified to undertake the work you need at market-competitive rates. If you are in need of a reputable company for the repair, maintenance, or installation of a dock leveller lift, let our experts be of assistance.

Worker loads truck with pallet truck with the help of a dock leveller lift
Dock leveller maintenance

Why dock leveller maintenance is important

For optimal functionality and safety purposes, it is crucial to have regular maintenance of your dock leveller lift. When you ignore small maintenance requirements for your dock levellers, it could lead to different issues including malfunctioning or safety risks. We are trained in the intricacies of dock levellers and follow an organised approach to carry out thorough maintenance work.


Some key procedures we undertake include:

Detailed inspection of dock levellers, assessment of overall condition and components

Cleaning of all components to remove dirt and debris. Plus, lubrication of moving parts to avoid friction-related issues

Adjustment and calibration of different settings of dock levellers including hydraulic pressures and safety features

Repair or replacement of any worn out part or component to ensure long term reliability

distribution warehouse with trucks of different capacity

Keeping your lift safe and running

With our customer-centric approach and consistent 5-star reviews, we have established our position as a trusted name in the UK's lift and elevator industry. From dock levellers and service lifts to disabled access and dumb waiter lifts, we are a phone call away to ensure your lift remains operational and safe. Learn more about why domestic and commercial clients choose York Elevator Services Ltd.

Why choose us?

  • Our professional maintenance work reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, ensuring a safer working environment

  • Well-maintained dock levellers for smooth and flawless loading or unloading process

  • Extended lifespan of your dock levellers so that you can prevent costly replacements

For first-class dock leveller maintenance services, contact us by filling out the form below or  call 01904 400888 

Alternatively, you can reach us by email via

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