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Energy-efficient elevators with regen drive

Here at York Elevator Services Ltd, our regen drive installation services provide a sustainable and energy-efficient solution for elevators. Regen drive converts kinetic energy and contributes positively to a greener environment. Contact us today.

Energy-efficient and dependable solutions

Regen drive, or regenerative drive, offers great energy efficiency for elevators whilst ensuring reduced energy consumption, cheap operating costs as well as environmental friendliness. We offer smooth regen drive integration into elevator systems for businesses to optimise energy consumption while maintaining superior performance. If you have a question, please get in touch with one of our team members today.

How does regen drive work?

Regen drive functions by receiving and converting kinetic energy that is generated when the lift decelerates or stops. The regen drive utilises modern technology to convert this energy into electricity which is fed back into the business’ electrical grid. Therefore, regen drive helps you to significantly decrease the energy consumption of lifts whilst saving on utility bills and carbon footprint.

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Professional installation and integration work

Integrating regen drives into your elevators promotes a greener image of your business. When you work with our specialist team, we offer a seamless regen drive integration process. We expertly assess the electrical infrastructure, specifications of your elevators and compatibility with the regen drive technology to help you achieve desired results. Also, we offer post-installation support and training for maximisation of the benefits of regen drive technology.

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